My phone is bricked. Learn More. #ios4 #iphone

I installed iOS4 two nights ago. Something that would have been nice to know, it's going to take FOREVER! It took hours. There was no, "Hey, this might take a while." That was a bummer.

Everything went well for about 12 hours. Love the new features.
However, after a while, the screen wouldn't unlock. Several soft reboots, hard reboots and two complete restores and it still won't come back.
I took the phone to the local ATT store. The customer service person said… "Yup, your phone is bricked. Happened to me too." Their recommendation was to contact Apple to see if they could help. Awesome. 
Thankfully, I'm eligible for an upgrade to my phone, so I might just use Google Voice to communicate in the short-term.
BTW – My Google Voice number: (541) 357-7873

Have you had issues with iOS4?

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